Friday, March 23, 2012

Custom Shawl in Progress

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I received an order for a shawl which I had posted as the cover photo on my Facebook page. The shawl was a gift I had made for my cousin which I wasn't actually planning on making more of, but was happy to do it when this customer contacted me. After discussing with her and workout out the logistics, I excitedly ran to Hobby Lobby to pick up the yarn. A lovely variety of black, white, lavender, and hot pink.

I grabbed my pattern and got started. After the first hour, here is how far I got. You can see the bottom tips of the butterfly starting.

 After 2 hours, much more of the lovely butterfly is showing, and more colors are introduced.
After 4 hours, the lower part of the butterfly wings are really starting to take shape.

I'm figuring it will take about 15 hours to complete, and I'm already thinking about what colors I want to do next, and have designed a couple different shawls to try out. I forgot how much fun this type of crochet is!

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