Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Social

In an effort to expand my social influence across the web, I have joined a site called Empire Avenue. It's a fun way to get social, and spread your sites, blogs, pages, etc. You have a "stock" price, and people invest their EAVES (Empire Avenue money) in your stock. Your web influence (blog posts, Facebook activity, whatever you've linked) affects your price. It's fun to watch your stock value go up.

You also invest in other peoples stocks, and can earn EAVES dividends. There are a lot of Community groups on Empire Avenue which give you a place to talk to other users of similar interests.

The main reason I was interested, is to give myself an idea of how I'm doing with spreading my social influence. Since my stock price is affected by my web presence, the more I do the higher my price. Now, that doesn't mean that I should post a Tweet every 30 seconds, because only so many actions per item count per day. This keeps people from artificially inflating their prices. For me, I'm hoping it helps me learn how often to post, what kind of things are generating interest, what my customers and followers are finding interesting and useful. And of course, what is helping me generate sales.

If you're looking for a way to help you on the road to starting or building on your social media web presence, Empire Avenue is a fun way to get rolling. Not to mention the great information that other people are providing who are or have been in the same place as you are.

So far, the site has encouraged me to be more active on LinkedIn, to start using a Flikr account, to just jump into Blogging and not be so concerned about what I'm doing and what people think, and I'm considering a YouTube account. I think it might be fun for people to see an embroidery project being done, or a crochet item going through the motions. The sky is the limit.


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  1. Sounds like fun and lots of info. I know I could and should be doing more of the social media thing, but don't really know much about it. Guess it's time to learn!